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Adjustment Components Quick Links

1. Angle Articulation Point (optional)
2. Locking Knob (optional)
4. Air Lumbar Pump (optional)
12. Swivel
Step 9 - It’s All in the Rotation

The armrest will rotate a full 360°. To adjust, put one hand on the front end of the armrest and the other hand on the back end. Lift the armrest straight up. You will then be able to rotate it 360° to the right or left.

In addition, you can adjust the articulation angle of your armrest. To move, grab the armrest exactly like before and rock the armrest forward or backward. Slide the pad fore or aft to your desired position.

Final Step

Adjust the Rotation Angle of Your Armrest

Points to Keep in Mind

Watch Armrest Rotation Video
If you have the “Neck Roll” (headrest) Option, click here before moving to final step.

Neck-Roll (or headrest) Option