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Adjustment Components Quick Links

1. Angle Articulation Point (optional)
2. Locking Knob (optional)
4. Air Lumbar Pump (optional)
12. Swivel
Step 8 - The Name of the Game is “Relax”

To adjust the height of your armrest, lift on the oval trigger located just under the arm pad with your finger or thumb. Adjust up or down until you find the optimal placement for your arms.

To find optimal placement, take a deep breathe and blow out. Allow your shoulders to relax with arms rested by your side. Bring your forearms up parallel to the floor. Then reach over to one arm at a time lifting the armrest to sit comfortably under your forearm.

Be careful to set the arm height so your elbow is supported but shoulders are not pushed up.

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Adjust the Height of Your Armrest for Proper Sitting Posture

Points to Keep in Mind

Watch Armrest Height Adjustment Video